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Labsamples is built from a love and passion of making and creating original sounds that can be used in a variety of musical productions. A sample label started and run by DLR who is well known for his original sound design in his productions found on prestigious labels Metalheadz, Dispatch, Utopia Music, Symmetry Recordings. We aim to offer unique sounds that are useful tools to be manipulated and adapted to fit in with the sound that you are trying to achieve. Instead of hundreds of pre programmed loops that point towards a particular melody and style, we want you to have something that is easily used creatively in your own way, hopefully they spark that creative input that you have been looking for to push on to that next level. We like to think we offer you professional sounds because you are wanting to achieve a professional end goal!

Over the months and years the content of this label will grow to offer you a wide spectrum of tools for all parts of the music production process as well as a patch series starting with a handy set of bass sounds for Native Instruments Massive available by Jan 2016. We will be enlisting the help of other heavy hitters such as Mako, Hydro, Break, Total Science to name a few, as well as exploring the realms of unique analog and digital equipment as well as live instruments including vocals.

Download and enjoy these royalty free samples and of course feel free to send us your work for a listen, we love new music!

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