Derryman Breaks – DLR – Demo Breaks – LS007


Derryman Breaks – DLR – Demo Tracks – LS007


Derryman Breaks – RAW Breaks – Demos – LS007

Derryman Breaks Sample Pack – LS007


Derryman Breaks Sample Pack – LS007

Labsamples teamed up with Tom Derryman this time around for an exclusive live recorded drum break sample pack.


About Tom

Tom Derryman is one amazing drummer, he’s one of the main driving elements behind the refreshing band, Konsoul. Their debut release on Break’s Symmetry Recordings in June 2019, is filled to the brim with funk, dub and soul flavours whilst utilising modern DnB production bringing a unique twist to the Symmetry pallet. More from the KonSoul project coming soon.

His drumming expertise and programming can also be found in a more electronic light, as one half of up and coming drum and bass duo Otoko. Keep a close eye on the Sofa Sound camp for more info on their debut releases in the near future.


The Recording

Dave Spicer’s Osmosis studios in Devon is where the raw breaks contained in this pack were recorded. A selection of Dave’s go-to modern and vintage mic’s were used to capture the breaks, including; Sennheiser MD 21’s as overheads, Shure SM57 on snare, AKG D12, AKG C451 on the hi-hat, AKG 414’s for more room mic’s and the classic NS10 sub on the bass drum. All recorded straight through a TLAudio all valve desk, lovely stuff!


Pack Contents/ Bonus Gold

Derryman Breaks contains over one hundred 80bpm raw drum break loops, recorded fresh from Spicer’s studio, they’re prime for bending into shape for that unbelievable funk and warmth in your productions.

To give you an idea of where to head and how to get things rolling nicely, DLR has kindly provided more than sixty of his own Derryman Break examples. These breaks contain a variety of jungle drum and bass tempos, timbres, drum bus signal chains, outboard gear and modern digital production techniques giving you ammo straight from the off.

So.. no more chit chat, let’s dive straight in!

Big love as always,













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