Mako – Utopia Pad Pack – LS004 – Demo Tracks

Mako – Utopia Pad Pack – LS004


Ok, so the next sample pack from Labsamples needs no introduction whatsoever but you’re getting one anyway.. Utopia big dog, kitty cat fanatic aka Mako, has put together a treat and a half for our next construction series sample pack. With a solid back catalogue of his own, not to mention Utopia’s, you know his taste is as smooth as the samples he’s provided. From warm, calming, lush filter sweeps to dissonant dark demanding stabs, the variety of goodness is over whelming for anyone on the beats.

Labsamples are proud to present the Utopia Music Pad Pack created by the man himself Mako. Expect gorgeous chords, arps, basses, FX and more from some of the tastiest machines in the business including Nord Lead, Novation Supernova and Virus to name a few.

We love for our customers to get creative with the samples that we provide, we purposefully keep things simple so that the samples are easy to use and manipulate into your own style and productions. The idea is always to help spark creativity to enable you to write good, enjoyable and professional music.

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