Labsamples DLR – Bad Boy Bass Patch series for Native Instruments Massive Conical flask logo with with Massive inside

DLR’s mentality when supplying the audio heads with audio tools is that no compromises can be made! In fact as you read this, he’s in the studio desperately trying to get into his beats before you lot manage to beat him to it! These audio tools, made by audio heads, for audio heads. No corners cut, high quality, straight to the point Massive patches that can be used creatively in a multitude of different ways to create something new and exciting. The Patches range from straight forward reese basses to more complex moving patterns. An emphasis as always has been placed on leaving you scope to mutate these patches into the progressions and sounds that you want as the producer and writer of your own music. A handy ‘One Knob’ function has been programmed to allow manipulation of the sound quickly but it doesn’t stop there. Add filters, modulation, dynamic control, tonal shaping etc etc to really take these into a new realm, or, if you feel instantly inspired by what you hear enjoy yourself and write great music with fresh sounds which can spark inspiration instantly.

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