DLR – Bad Boy Bass – Sample Series 1 – LS001 – Demo Tracks

DLR – Bad Boy Bass – Sample Series 1 – LS001


Bad Boy Bass is the first instalment of this series which is focussed on raw, long, gritty bass sounds that have plenty of sub bass and can be used in a variety of ways to achieve your desired end goal. Some of these sounds need some taming, but thats the idea, filter them, move them, loop them, twist them until they start to satisfy your urge for funky moving basslines.

DLR – “I often like to add a lot to a sound at first until its almost overkill, I need it to contain high end grit, and low end beef with a thick mid range. When I start to filter and move the sound around with various tools, the content in the original sound helps to make sure that when the filter rises there is something interesting to hear. Also, when I add extra layers of distortion or reverb etc after filtering, I find I have to EQ out areas in the original sound so that these processes don’t end up being too much for the ears! I wanted to offer sounds which were true to what I work with, it’s only when I bring these sounds into my projects that I know what i need to do to tame the sound or what it needs to be more wild, and what type of movement or melodical progression is needed”.

These sounds will not disappoint, it’s all about getting that creative spark to help you push you productions to that next level. Who knew studying and using sounds like these could help you start to develop your own sound design abilities as well as unlock new creative directions you may not have previously considered. Enjoy the vibes!

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