DLR – Phase Plant Patch Pack – LS008

DLR – Phase Plant Patch Pack – LS008


We can’t keep that DLR guy out of the blaaaddy Lab!

DLR Presents – Phase Plant Bass Patch Pack from Labsamples

He’s back with a smasher.. obviously.. and this time he’s got over one hundred sick bass patches for our latest Kilohearts Phase Plant Bass Patch Pack!!

These patches are specifically designed for the Phase Plant synth by Kilohearts, a soft synth that allows you to create and manipulate sounds using a modular approach. It’s a super powerful tool for sound design, music production and much more, running with a huge range of oscillators, filters, effects, and modulation options, all the stuff we like here at Labsamples!

With this bass patch pack, you’ll have everything you need to roll out killer bass sounds that will take your music to the next level no matter your genre.

As always, DLR’s gone all out on the details, providing not only wicked bass patches but also the potential to manipulate them easily via modulation madness for the ultimate control over your low end!

Tweaked and dialed controls by the main man DLR is always a good thing..!

No matter if you’re looking for deep rumbling subs, gritty mids, or stabby bass, DLR has designed each patch carefully to ensure weight and unique bass at every step! 

Get ready to load up your Phase Plant and unleash a world of bass on your productions!!


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