DLR – Serum Bass Patch Pack – LS005 – Demo Tracks

DLR – Serum Bass Patch Pack – LS005 – Bad Boy Bass


DLR  –  Serum Bass Patch Pack  –  LS005

Following DLR’s super popular patch series with Massive, he’s back once again.. this time with a whole bunch a juicy bass goodness with Xfer Records Serum!

This Serum Bass Patch Pack has all the bass necessities to get your productions smashing on all the right frequencies, from weighty subs to stabby bass hits, to gritty mids and mad macros, we’ve covered all the basis so all you have to worry about is getting stuck in! We’ve gone right in on the details with this pack not only providing amazing patches but also potential to manipulate them easily via Macros and other modulation madness…

Here’s a couple of words from the man himself… “The process of creating Bass patches is something I actually really enjoy… when some people enjoy reading a book, watching a film or spending time with their other, I like to sit hunched up over a computer creating bass patches, drum breaks, pads, FX anything I can so that when that creativity hits I’m loaded up with all the ammunition I can get!  Ha ha… obviously I’d rather spend time with my other sometimes, but I had a task to supply you lot with Bass, and so with using Xfer Serum, that’s what I did!

It’s always a challenge creating patches inside of a synth without any external processing, but I love a challenge. I feel like this is a basis for you to start working from, sculpting and forming the patches into your own productions. Make sure to keep creative and never give up on becoming an absolute badman or rude girl producer! I’m still on that never ending road, it’s the best thing in the World!”

130 Serum Bass Patches designed by DLR at Labsamples



DLR / Sofa Sound Bristol

Sofa Sound Bristol



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