Field Recording – Music Production

Leaving the house for once – Field Recording  We’ve been super busy over here at Labsamples, working hard to provide you guys with great sample content, coupled with an insight into our production process and how we go about creating our sounds and samples. For this particular blog post, we’ve decided to give the studio […]

Recording Drums – Our Experience

Recording Drums – The experience of two less than professional professionals So… Finally, here at labsamples we are pulling our fingers out, and starting to step things up. We can only say that the first 2 packs were received in nothing but the best way possible. You the customers bought, used and enjoyed the packs […]

Top 5 Plugins

DLR – Top 5 Plugins TAL – Chorus  Made by an amazingly talented programmer Patrick Kunz, this plugin is absolutely essential, not only if you want that thick wide old school chorus sound, but also if you are interested in ironing out the rough edges, or generally bringing a sound back to life! I love […]

Extra Analog Bass Processing this video I show you what I do to process my bass with a little added extra analog character. You can also do this with any piece of equipment that has a nice signal path, especially older or quirky analog pieces of gear. Try something new you might be surprised. You will be able […]